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A regular performer at Hollywood's famed Magic Castle, the home of the Academy of Magical Arts,  Bruce Kalver has been working professionally for over half a century. 


Billed in the early years as “Rhode Island’s Youngest Professional Magician,” his magic education started at the age of four when his grandfather, Samuel Woolf, who was himself a magician and an assistant to Houdini, began to teach him the art. At age six, he was ready to start his career.


His work in magic has taken him all over the world. He has toured with his wife and partner, Arlene, on cruise ships sailing the Atlantic and the Caribbean, in Dinner Theatres all over the country, and at trade shows where they added their magic touch to many products and services.


Bruce has been showcased and interviewed on television, in newspaper articles both locally and nationally, and has actually performed magic on the radio. He has acted as a magic consultant for the Tony Award winning Trinity Square Repertory Company as well as for numerous other professional, college, and amateur theatre groups for whom he performed or taught magic for their productions and created special magic effects.


Bruce is a very versatile performer; he is able to adapt to any possible stage setting or audience. That is why companies like  Apple, Microsoft, CBS Records, Showtime Cable Network, General Electric, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Dave and Buster’s, Johnny Rockets and Marriott Hotels have utilized his talents and ideas.


Bruce has taught his craft at the University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island College, Johnson and Wales University (where he taught a special course on the use of magic to promote products), as well as many magicians’ groups around the world where Bruce has shared his special secrets with fellow conjurers. He has even lectured and performed at The Magic Castle in Hollywood and London’s prestigious Magic Circle.


Bruce was the National President of The Society of American Magicians in 2008-2009.


For close to 17 years, Bruce hosted a very popular


Bruce Kalver in a Nutshell

Award Winning Magical Entertainment
Close Up | Walk-Around | Stand-up
Platform |Auditorium
Magical Performer | Sleight of Hand
Master of Ceremonies | Presenter
National President (2008-09)
The Society of American Magicians
The Magic Circle of London, England
(Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star)
The Academy of Magical Arts/ Magic Castle
International Brotherhood of Magicians
Order of Merlin
Regular Performer at The Magic Castle, Hollywood, CA
In 1975, Bruce set a World Record for doing the most card tricks in one sitting without repeating any. (13 hours)
Bruce is allergic to rabbits, so he will never pull one out of a hat.
Bruce was the first magician to ever perform at the Rhode Island Comedy Festival.
Bruce is the author of 13 murder mystery plays.
Bruce actually has a Doctorate of Magic degree from the famed FFFF Close up Magicians Convention.
Bruce writes a column in the magic magazine M-U-M about technology and magic.
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