"Bruce is immediately likeable as he strolls from table to table greeting old friends and making new ones. He is boyish and at the same time slick and experienced. There's wonderment and shrewd discernment in his eyes. In short, Kalver is a smooth professional. In improvisation, he is unpredictable, satisfying and real. part comedian, part psychologist, he moves with wit, confidence and east. You have to have faith in yourself if you end up pumping milk from a faucet attached to a volunteer's forehead; or burning up borrowed hundred dollar bills; or slicing a girl into three distinct parts while she sings "You Do Something to Me. Kalver doesn't belabor his talent or the point to his act. He just lets it play. In fact, he is rather direct and uncomplicated about it."

-- Providence Journal



"You were wonderful! Everyone raved about your routines and your comic sense (never common) and overall terrific attitude. You had your audience wonder-spelled (I make up my own catch phrases.) I was very, very pleased with your performance and professionalism and will definitely keep you in mind for future events!"


-- Green Hills Beach Club

"Another show standout is magician Bruce Kalver. You will actually gasp when he removes his assistant's mid-section in one illusion"

--Albuquerque News

"Bruce Kalver's magic act has more laughs per minute than any other magician I've seen. That's is why he's booked here at Periwinkles Comedy Club."

"There is nothing like you here at The Magic Castle. That is why you will be here again and again."

--Jack Goldfinger,

Talent booker for The Magic Castle

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