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When Bruce began learning magic as a child, Samuel Woolf made sure that he developed his chops in presentation with three classic of magic: Billiard Balls, Linking Rings, and Miser's Dream. Throughout the years, his presentations of these effects have been refined to make them easy to perform but maximum on effect.

To make sure they are preserved, the routines have been written down step by step with every nuance and detail laid out.

Billiard Balls: No great sleight of hand skill is necessary. Just the basic moves but audiences will leave thinking that you are a finger flicking master.

LInking Rings: This routine involves two spectators from the audience and a very smooth, fluid presentation.

Miser's Dream: Not the typical production of repetitive coins. It appears to be a lesson on producing coins from the air with a willing spectator There is a reason for every move in this routine.

If you stopped doing these effects because they were "old and overdone," Take another look at what Bruce is doing.

Note: If you are interested in having Bruce present a lecture for your group or convention, please check out our lecture section for details.

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