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I know that magicians have a vast collection of dye tubes. Like tables, you search your entire career for the best one.  I perform Billy McComb's Half Dyed Hank and created the perfect tubes for the routine. Why are these any better than others? For me, they are. Here are the reasons:


  • With regular dye tubes, you never knew which side was which when it resided in your pocket.  These tubes have a ring on one end so you know which way you are holding it.
  • While in your pocket, you never knew which tube was which. One tube has an 11 sided ring in the center so you can tell the difference between tubes.
  • Tubes have fallen out of my hand on more than one occasion. These tubes have ridges for better grip. They are also very slightly oval shaped to fit in your hand better.
  • I may or may not want the ribbon in the center. These tubes come in two pieces so you can add or take away the inside ribbon.


Made from plastic, they are light weight and precision 3d printed. No instructions are included for the routine, that is up to you. These tubes work for me and I am now sharing them with you.


You get two tubes (4 pieces) and the ribbon.


Half Dyed Kalver Tubes

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