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Comedy magician David Kaplan contacted us with something that he thought we might be interested in. As a long time user of the illusion, he came up with a way to spin our Growing and Shrinking Head Spiral that was portable and used no batteries or electricity. When we looked at it, we immediately scooped it up!

Kaplan's Spiral Crank easily screws on the spiral and by simply turning the crank, you'll be able to spin the disc smoothly.

• Crank is only 5 inches long. Perfect for packing
• Easily fits in your pocket
• No electric charging
• No noise like you get with the cordless screwdrivers
• Great solution for the traveling magician.
• Precision made device is made of light weight but sturdy aluminum.

Keep one of these cranks in your magic case. You'll love using it!

Kinetic Krank

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