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The word "lithophane" derives from Greek "litho", which is from "lithos" which means stone or rock, and "phainein" meaning "to cause to appear." Originally, lithopanes were made from carved porcelin but with modern 3d printing, the world of lithopanes are more affordable. 


Our unique LithoLamps are 3D printed in plastic and take 13 hours to create.


With a lighted plug-in base the painting comes to life in an almost "holographic" appearance.  This six  inch tall lamp has a dimmer switch so it is perfect for any room lighting. Use it in your Magic Library or on your nightstand in your bedroom.


The Bosch Conjurer LithoLamp shows the famous Bosch painting of a street performer presenting the cups and balls while robbers are stealing from the crowd.


You recieve:

•  6 inch Litho lampshade

•  Lighted dimmable base that plugs into an outlet

•  Extra bulb



What recipients have said about our Lithophanes:


"This is soooo beautiful."


"A truly magical piece for my office."

LithoLamp - The Conjurer

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