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Want to spruce up your credit cards and show everyone that you are a magician? The new craze is to use a skin on your credit card and decorate it with something that reflects your interest. Your card and chip still work. It's perfectly legal. It makes you cool.


Bruce has turned this craze into a great card reveal. You get two skins: One is a five of clubs. The other, is a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. The rabbit is holding a two of hearts.



Bet the spectator that you will find their card. If you don't, you will buy them lunch.  When you fail to find the card, you turn your credit card over and reveal your prediction.  Better than the old magician's credit card trick, you are using a REAL CREDIT CARD!


Exclusively designed by graphic designer Dennise Magat for Top Hat Productions, the skins work with all flat credit cards (no raised numbers) there's even a pre-cut hole for your chip. The package includes two skins and instructions.



Magic Credit Card Skins

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