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Professor Marvel was a traveling magician. He studied with many of the best ghost talkers of the time. Your iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, or iPad Mini shows a beautiful transparent crystal ball on a draped table. You show one spectator a group of magic posters from the golden age of spiritualism: Alexander, Fay, Thurston, Carter, and Houdini. One spectator selects a poster and keeps his selection to himself. The other spectator rubs the crystal ball and the selected poster comes into view!

A very clever, easy to perform magic app. To look professional, you will need the poster cards which we offer here. These are full color, glossy, cards printed on rounded card stock. You get two sets of cards. They fit perfectly in your wallet or pocket so you can perform the effect anytime!

Purchase the cards for the effect here.

Download Professor Marvel's Crystal Ball App for free in the iTunes App Store.


Professor Marvel Crystal Ball Cards

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