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The easiest and most amazing version you will ever see.

A great ending to a Himber Ring routine or you can incorporate it into your own routine. Bruce has come up with the easiest, most direct version of this effect and it's so easy to do!

A borrowed ring is tossed at a brandy snifter and instantly, it links onto the stem of the glass. The only way to remove it is to smash the glass. No brandy glass refills to worry about. You break the glass at each performance yet you can use it over and over again! A new principle in magic that will even fool you.

This comes complete with the Brandy Glass and detailed instructions explaining three routines from Bruce's act. YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS!

NOTE: You do not need a Himber ring to do this routine. The borrowed ring actually links onto the stem.

Ring On Brandy Snifter

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