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TSG - The Smoke Gimmick

The Smoke Gimmick (TSG) is the smallest and easiest smoke producing gimmick you will ever use. This tiny cube can be held in the hand or attached to one of the accessory clips to produce smoke whenever you need it.  

Some things you can do with TSG include:
A wisp of smoke when a coin or ball vanishes.
A billow of smoke comes out of a hat or prop.
A borrowed smartphone begins to smoke when rubbed.
Smoke appears inside a glass.

Lots of possibilities!

The fluid that produces the smoke is Vape Juice available at e-cig stores everywhere. It is safe (use the zero nicotine juice) and you can travel with it.


As you see in the photo, we include lots of accessories so you can use the 1" x 1" x 1/2" cube anywhere you wish to produce smoke. Two drops of juice gives you over a minute of smoke!


All the parts are 3D printed for accuracy. Available in VERY LIMITED quantities. Order one now. In fact order two of them!

TSG - The Smoke Gimmick

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