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I'm on a podcast!  Here’s the story...

On my recent appearance at The Magic Castle, Ken Levine was on my guest list. You’ve seen his name before as a writer for such shows as Cheers, Frazier, M*A*S*H and more. I am a big fan of his Podcast, Hollywood and Levine, which talks about the behind the scenes of television, writing, and entertainment.  His podcast is like a master class on working in television.

After the show (like we did last year when he came to the Castle) we spent the evening talking about our love for nostalgia and working on radio. At the end of the evening he invited me to come to his home and be on his podcast to talk about magic.

Being on Ken’s podcast was a thrilling highlight of my trip. I am truly honored that he asked me. Please take a listen. Subscribe and comment. I think you will be pleased.


To listen to the podcast, Click HERE




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